What we are hearing!!!!

We frequently get asked a lot of questions by clients.

“What are people looking for?”

“How much should I be paying?”

“How do I get good employees?”

Well, here are some answers. Maybe its good news, maybe not, but we are finding more and more of the same consistent answers.

People come to us and ask for a job. Here are the top 5 things they ask for

  • Not too hard

Right now people are tired. They don’t want to work a backbreaking job for menial pay. In fact, frequently people will take significantly less pay for a job that isn’t too hard.

  • Close

People are tired of being on the way to or from somewhere. They want a job that is in their neighborhood, or very close to them. They won’t want to drive long distances, or take a long bus ride to get there. Some companies have found a solution to this by offering Uber or Lyft as a benefit.

  • Daily Pay

People don’t want to wait a week or longer for their paychecks. If you can have them paid at the end of the same day, they are thrilled with that, the next day works too, but having them work M-F and then have to wait another whole week to get paid can frustrate them.

  • Extreme Flexibility in schedule

It seems like folks are telling us their lives are busier than ever. They tell us that sometimes they just can’t make it to work. This may be something that is hard for a lot of people to understand. I get it, but people will take a lot less pay if the job offers them the option to not come in to work when they choose. They wake up this morning and don’t feel like it, they can not go in. The next day they do, great, they show up. That kind of flexibility is valuable to employees, if your company can do it (frankly most can’t)

  • Pay

This used to lead the pack, and now we find it way, way down the list. Pay has gone up a lot, and we still have trouble finding folks. Pay may not necessarily be the issue. Plus, it will constantly change. A livable wage is essential, beyond that, look for other ways to offer benefits to your employees.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a snapshot of what we are seeing. Maybe some of this will help you as you search for good employees.

We work with a lot of clients to help them find ways to get new employees. If we can help you, give us a call 913-371-3212. And while you are at it, leave us a comment and let us know what you have found that employees are looking for