What Patrick Mahomes can teach us about our job

Amazing!! The Kansas City Chiefs are playing for the AFC Division Championship, AT HOME!! WOW!!! Great job. But there is one guy who has shone, who, I think, has a few things to teach us about our job.

Patrick Mahomes

He is a remarkable quarterback, only one of three to throw 50 touchdowns in a regular season!! But what can he teach us about work, and how to work.

  1. He lets his skills speak for itself. You don’t hear a lot of problems for Mahomes. He simply works. He does his job, and he works. In fact, he doesn’t have to tell you how good he is, he shows you!!!
  2. He doesn’t stress out under pressure. Mahomes stays calm and works things out, even when the pressure is on, hard.
  3. He has a plan B. Even when the play he wants doesn’t go as planned, he has a plan B, and he isn’t afraid to use it.
  4. He chose his focus.  When he was in college, Mahomes was also a pitcher for the baseball team. He chose in his Sophomore year to drop baseball and focus on football. It paid off. Rather than being pulled in two directions, he focused on what he was good at, and what he loved.
  5. He keeps his mouth shut. A lot of athletes get in trouble for running their mouth. Mahomes, just works. That’s a good employee. He doesn’t smart off, he doesn’t brag. He works, and let’s his work speak for itself. Mahomes keeps his mouth shut. Well, OK, except for the ketchup on steak comment, but I think we can forgive that!!

In short, I think there is a lot about doing a good job we can learn from our own Patrick Mahomes. And, as we get ready for this weekend, I just have to say.