What most employers want

If you had to guess, what one thing do you think most employers are looking for?

Go ahead, make a guess, I’ll wait….

Got it…

You sure?

Well, I don’t have a scientific answer. I am sure there are some studies out there that can give a definitive answer, but I do have my experience, and in my experience in the employment industry, there is one answer that is far and away above all others. My experience has shown that employers are looking for dependability.

Will you show up for work, every day, and on time? Will you refuse to let excuses rule your life? Will you get up and come in, even if you had a fight with your significant other? Will you come in, even if you have a headache? Will you come in, even if you had a little too much to drink the night before? Better yet, will you decide not to drink so much the night before so you will be awake and alert for work? Will you allow a little extra time in getting to work so you don’t run late?

Those are the kind of things employers are looking for. They want someone who will plan ahead a little bit. They want someone who has a plan B if things don’t go right. They have someone else they can call at the last minute to be a babysitter if they need it. They have a friend who can give them a ride to work if their car breaks down, or they know the bus schedule so that they can get to work, even if they are a little late.

An employee who is dependable, reliable and has a plan B for when things come up will be one of the most valuable employees there is. In fact, you might not have the skills that other people do, or even have the natural talent that others do, but if you will work on being dependable and being a person of your word, you will find that you can be even more valuable to a company than the most skilled person they have.

Just a thought

Shane Richardson