Say Yes, even when you say no

You work hard, and that hard work gets rewarded.


However, often that reward is more work.

“You handled that so well, do this”

“Can you add one more thing to your place?”

Maybe you can. Maybe you have no choice, maybe you have to, but maybe you have to say no. Sometimes doing your job well means you just can’t do anything else. That’s when you need to say….


That’s right, even when you want to say no, find a way to say yes.

“I really enjoy this part of my job, and I don’t feel like I have the bandwidth to add anything else to it, but if you would like me to, can you help train me so I can do both jobs well?

“I am not experienced in that area, but I would like to learn, could you train me?”

“Right now I have a hard time getting everything done, can you help me prioritize what is most important?”

In short, just saying no can limit you.

Learning how to say yes, even when you say no, can open all kinds of doors for the future.