If you are currently and employee with us you do not need to fill out an application again.  Call the office 913-371-3212 and the girls will be happy to help you with our current job openings.

  • Please list any other work history you may have here. The more we know about the skills you can do and the jobs you enjoy the better chance we can place you with a career you will enjoy.
  • By entering your name in the box below you are agreeing to On Demand's Non-Compete Terms. You are agreeing to not disclose confidential information of Employer and agrees that during his/her employment and for up to 1 year after employment has ended. Employee will not directly (or as an employee of another temporary or employee leasing company) work or perform services for or at the facilities of any person, corporation, partnership or other business entity that was a customer of Employer at any time while Employee was employed by Employer or during the one year period prior to Employee signing this Agreement.
  • Please use this link to upload your resume. Must be in jpg. You can send your resume to recruiter@ondemandemployment.net if you would like.